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  1. What is the difference between semi-automatic and fully-automatic? 

    • A semi-automatic system requires operator assistance. The load can be brought to the turntable by forklift (high profile) or pallet jack (low profile). The operator is required to then load and attach the film to the load prior to wrapping it. After the load is wrapped, the operator is then required to manually cut and wipe down the film from the load after the wrap cycle is complete. Semi-automatic systems are generally used in lower volume situations of no more than 30 loads per hour.

    • Automatic systems provide higher process rates of loads than Semi-automatic. An automatic system does not require operator assistance. The stretch wrapper automatically attaches the film to the load, initiates wrap cycle, cuts, and wipes down the film after wrap cycle is complete.

  2. What is the difference between a turntable and rotary arm machine?

    • A turntable is the platform where loads are placed to be wrapped. The turntable rotates as the load is wrapped. The film dispenses from the film carriage as it ascends and descends.

    • Rotary arm systems wrap the load differently. The loads on this system are wrapped by a rotary arm that rotates around the load while it sits stationary. These systems work better for tall, light, unstable loads and can wrap more loads per hour.

  3. What is the powered pre-stretch film delivery and why is it important?

    • The powered pre-stretch film delivery system allows you to get the maximum efficiency out of each of your film. Stretch wrappers with this delivery system stretch the film to the customer’s liking (up to 200 to 400 %) as it is dispensed from the film carriage. You’ll wrap more loads by using less film.

  4. What types of loads will the stretch wrapper be able to handle?

    • Our stretch wrappers can be tailored to fit your needs. The turntables can be customized to meet your everyday needs.

  5. What models do you have available?

    • Please visit our website,, for our full selection of stretch wrap systems, parts and packaging consumables. If you don’t see the stretch wrapper you’re looking for, call us at 800-860-4744, and we will find the right machine for you. Thank You.