About Us

Millwood, Inc.

Millwood, Inc. designs, recommends and provides unit load products and services that ensure a safe, cost-effective distribution of customer products and does so with integrity and character for our business and community.
We have positioned ourselves to adjust to the ever-changing requests and demands of our customers. In order to offer the best service available, we have designed programs to include JIT deliveries, manufacture pallets to exact SPEC standards and supply our customers with PDS analysis of pallet designs. 
We are a company committed to creating quality in our products and people. It is our intent to continue to pursue strong, steady and profitable growth by utilizing the following:
Excellence: A unified company vision and purpose combined with a commitment to excellence and integrity will create an environment where ordinary people can accomplish the extraordinary. This philosophy is the basis of all our relationships – customers, suppliers and employees.
Expansion: Through organic growth and the acquisition of like-minded companies that contribute to the mission and purpose of our organization.
Enterprise: To become proactive in the improvement and expansion of our current operations and management practices.
“Plans point us in the direction of success, but quality people combined with Biblical principles are the vehicles which will cause us to arrive.”

Liberty Technologies, A Millwood Brand

Liberty Technologies, a Millwood, Inc. brand, has a diversified line of products and services and is built on years of packaging sales, creative engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing. While our company slogans have changed over the years, our story has one constant theme: a commitment to find the correct application solution for our customers, regardless of the product.

Liberty was founded in 1964 as an industrial lumber wholesaler with a focus on wood pallets and providing product unitization solutions. In the beginning, we developed our technical and service oriented capabilities while supplying small companies, large national accounts and … packaging America’s industry.  
In the mid-80s, Liberty began manufacturing stretch wrappers and shrink wrap systems while developing many industry-recognized and patented devices used in the operational performance of our equipment. We successfully engineered, manufactured and installed several thousand stretch units throughout the world. Our field service and parts replacement program for stretch/shrink overwrap machines and other ancillary products were  backed by the industry’s most responsive customer service team and spearheaded a new slogan … You’re at Liberty to Choose.
Our international presence and strategically-located sourcing partners accelerated Liberty’s growth to our current position as a leader in wood products and packaging/material handling machinery. With a selection of complimentary consumable items such as film, bags, plastic and corrugated materials, we are your … one-stop connection.
In June of 2005, Millwood, Inc. acquired Liberty Industries, which created a unification of companies that presents a powerful combination of products and services to customers throughout North America. 
Liberty is proud to be the recipient of various quality recognition awards. This not only places us in the company of some of the nation’s most quality conscious suppliers, but also underscores our commitment to provide only the highest quality products and services at all times. Contact us today to enhance your sourcing initiatives while gaining optimum value.
We are committed to your success … that’s our story.